Attendees, Members, & Leaders


placeforyouWithin every local church you will always see three people groups: attendees, members, & leaders.  All three people groups have their unique importance and contribute to the culture of the church.  At The HOUSE we believe that every Christian should play an active part of expanding God’s Church in their community.  It’s our goal at that everyone who walks through our church doors has the opportunity, training, and tools to do their part in continuing the ministry of Jesus Christ.


An attendee is anyone who attends church services weekly or monthly but is not yet demonstrating a regular commitment of attending services, giving, or serving.  A church attendee also may be someone who enjoys attending church services but may not know how to take further steps of commitment.  An attendee may not want to pursue a commitment to any one local church and instead may prefer to have limited involvement in multiple local churches.


A church member is one who is fully committed to the church’s purpose, vision, and mission. The function of a member includes: consistently attending weekly services, using their gifts and talents to serve, and supporting the church financially. Church members also regularly assist in various other areas such as: ministry departments, Bible studies, Christian school, outreaches, operations etc. A member’s life should demonstrate clear evidence of a new life in Jesus Christ and they should make every effort to live a consistent Christian life. A member should fully support the church’s statement of faith and philosophy of ministry.


Church leadership consists of pastors, church staff, and long term faithful church members. Leaders within the church are individuals who demonstrate scriptural character and qualifications to perform certain ministry functions.  Church leaders work together in ministry with the staff.  The functions of a church leadership team: provide service, encouragement, spiritual and financial support, equip new believers, pray for the sick, help to develop, lead or assist specific ministries, and carrying out church ordinances.